Zzzzzzzzara and The Week That Was–August 3rd, 2012

It’s been a long week. We’re less than 4 weeks from Excelerate Labs Demo Day and I’m fighting off some sort of cold while trying to squash 48 hours of work into a 24 hour day. I’m also a little bummed to be missing Lollapalooza this weekend, but if I can get some work done this weekend, spend a little time on a new DIY and get plenty of rest I’ll be a happy girl on Monday. If a trip to Zara is in the cards too- that’s a jackpot. Have a great weekend everyone!

stylishFullscreen capture 832012 101359 AM

– Zara, Zara, Zara.
Striped leather goods, so fun and DIYable.
– Yay, the H&M home collection is finally making it’s way to the US.
Tarps as a headboard. Love it. Also, check out these sleeping bags by Good Intent.

craftyFullscreen capture 832012 104426 AM-001

– A simple but beautiful DIY necklace.
– I’m obsessed with the thought of making some kind of DIY inspired by these leggings.
This brass studded clutch is a classic + you’ll never guess what the studs are made from.
– Fun roundup of chevron DIYs.

coolFullscreen capture 832012 103949 AM

– How fun does this look?!? Oh Joy visits Duff’s Cake Mix.
This iPhone weather app is beautiful. Alas, I’m still Android.
– I enjoyed this James Altucher piece What To Do When You Lose Everything.


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