Wooden Inspiration


I know that it’s still August, but it’s starting to feel like fall already. The last couple of days have been overcast and a dreary. It really struck me last Thursday while I was tucked into a corner bar eating a chicken pot pie while the Bears played preseason football on the tv. Yup, it’s coming…the days are getting shorter already. And my days here in Chicago are numbered, sadly. Just a few more weeks as we’ll be heading home (?) to Houston.

Now that I have you suitably depressed on this Monday morning, I did want to give a shout out to Alyssa who made the necklace featured above. She’s having an end of season sale in her Etsy shop, so grab some lasercut goodies while you can!

Clockwise from top left: Bath, window, bedroom, rings, music, glasses, stairs, geometry, necklace.


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