With Measurable Weight and Texture – The Week That Was–December 7, 2012



– Pre-fall collections already! I like this one.
– This VPL x Fleabags collab looks awesome. Thanks to sbz for the heads up.
These cables would make a great stocking stuffer.


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My holiday table is featured on the Martha Stewart Living blog. I’m still so in love with it. The table, I mean. Well, and Martha’s blog too, of course. Smile
– You are already following Sugar + Cloth, right? It’s so great having Ashley on team Whimseybox + she’s killing it all over the blogosphere.
– These guys experimented with ways to make your own glitter. Here’s my favorite part: These were indeed much more sparkly (it’s the gold stuff on the baby shoes above) but also much more dangerous. This is the kind of stuff that razor wire aspires to be. It may be prohibited by the Geneva Convention.
– Bookmarking this creative Christmas video for when I have a family. Ten years of Christmas in time-lapse. Kids, they grow up so fast…
– Minted (we bought our first Christmas cards ever from them this year) has a new blog and it is as good as you would expect. This adorable video is a great place to start.


– Looking for a cool holiday gift for someone who already has a Whimseybox subscription? Winking smile One word: Sphero.
– I am all about the making. From engineer to this blog to Whimseybox, it is the common thread. I think it’s important and valuable. This excerpt from The Equals Record (via) is the best I’ve ever heard that sentiment expressed:

I felt smothered by the weight of so many books that needed to be read and so many papers that needed to be written. I felt like I was climbing a mountain whose summit I couldn’t see. As part of me began to hunker down and plow through the work, another part of me came up for air, grasping for something tactile to hold onto.

I was searching desperately for something that was not a four-syllable word or an idea about a theory about a concept. I wanted a real thing, with measurable weight and texture and vivid color. Hence, the knitting.

The photos in the 2012 NatGeo contest are cra-mazing.
– I am just happy this exists.


  1. Sandra says:

    Love the quote and your sentiment about how you’re “all about the making”. Makers gotta make, right? I think that’s something common to all of us. Making and creating has become so “elitist” in the sense that if you aren’t an expert, or if you aren’t making a living at it, then you have no right to do it at all.

    There’s something powerful about getting out of your head and making something. Anything.

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