Why Is It So Warm? and The Week That Was–February 3, 2012

stylishFullscreen capture 232012 30311 PM

- I’d like to dress like this.
- My friend (and Whimseybox photographer!) Christina is giving away some beautiful jewelry by 31 Bits on her blog. Go check it out- it’s handmade by women in Uganda!

Fullscreen capture 232012 15950 PM

- Love these gold and wood candles, and they look pretty simple to make!
- Sarah Gabbart (Houston- you know her as the former owner of Sew Crafty, rest of the world- you might recognize her from her weekly postings on Sew Weekly in 2011) has launched a new blog, Crafty Ever After and I’m already in love. Go subscribe!
- Kristen (who will be DIYing with me out at MAGIC in a few weeks!) make a fun studded iPad cover.

Fullscreen capture 232012 30505 PM

- So much cuter than the average charger!
- Alt Summit, the coolest event I’ve never been to, has expanded into a channel offering classes year round.
- Ben Silbermann’s (founder of Pinterest) keynote from Alt is a good (long) listen.
- Shorter and funnier: Bon Jovier


- Come DIY with me at Langford Market next week – we’re making sparkly Valentine’s Day hairpins. Get all the info and RSVP here!
- The Austin Mini Maker Faire is coming up- apply here!
- Homespun Houston is having a product photography workshop with Christina and Linnea – they are super-talented so if you need help taking great pictures you should definitely attend.
- We’re getting an H&M! I don’t even know where those malls are, but I’ll figure it out.


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