Whimseybox Gift Certificates

Whimseybox Gift Certificates 2

Last week I learned something obvious: people who are shopping right after Thanksgiving do NOT want you to immediately email the recipient of their gift. Up until now, that’s how we’ve handled gift subscriptions for Whimseybox: you buy the subscription and then we email the recipient with instructions for setting up their account. While that might work okay for most of the year, it doesn’t right now. And really, it’s obvious to me now, but as a person who is often shopping rather last minute (ahem) the email delivery is usually my best option! Ha.

So last week we overhauled our entire gift process on Whimseybox. Now when you buy someone a Whimseybox subscription we’ll give you the choice of emailing them immediately or having us send a paper gift certificate. We can either send the certificate to you give to them or directly to them. I had some fun this weekend going crazy with washi tape decorating our new certificates :)

Give the gift of Whimseybox this year!

How is your holiday shopping coming along? So far I’ve made a list of everyone to buy for but that’s about it!

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