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We’re been having a lot of fun at Whimseybox lately building our Influencer referral program for DIY+craft bloggers. I’ve talked about it quite a bit here and for me it’s kind of personal because what we’re building now is exactly the kind of tools and program that I’ve wanted to exist since I started this blog. As with any projects, creative or business or otherwise, sometimes the progress feels slow and other times the wind is at your back and things start happening quickly. Right now the wind is at our back…

Here’s what bloggers have been telling us…

“This is a GREAT idea- thank you for the invitation. I’ve had major frustrations with the affiliate link programs because they weren’t really applicable for my “sewing specific” blog. I’ve been wondering/waiting for when someone would come out with the something for us crafty people!”

“Thank you so much, I am excited to work with you! Whimseybox looks like a great program and I can’t wait to get started.”

“Wow, great idea! I just signed up and am looking forward to working with you.”

“I’ve registered and read up on the website. I’m totally impressed at the idea of it all, it’s genius! I really appreciated the user friendliness of the site. Thanks for reaching out to me, I’m excited for the next step!”

“I actually just recently heard from another blogger about this program and it sounds SO cool!!  I am absolutely interested in joining as an influencer!”

“I love the Whimseybox Influencer concept. I’m excited to start using it!”

“Um, this is AMAZING and I am completely flattered you asked! This is such a good idea, I know my readers are always asking where I get my supplies and a lot of times I honestly can’t remember. It is so nice to just direct them to you guys and I am happy to do so :)”

“I checked out the video at the link you sent and this seems like a great idea! I used to try to link materials lists with Amazon Affiliate links, but truthfully it was somewhat annoying and I just let it drop off. Whimseybox Influencer seems like it will be an easier process and possibly more rewarding (and I’m a fan of the Whimseybox site and projects, so I’d be stoked to partner with you).”

“Ok I was SO ready to be like, sorry, can’t do one more thing, but I thought, at least watch the video! HAHA SOLD!”

“Thanks so much for reaching out! I just watched the video and these seems like a fantastic program. I love that it’s geared toward DIY+craft blogs! I’m signing up right now (woohoo!)”

If you’re a DIY/craft blogger or you know someone who might be interested check out whimseybox.com/influencer. We’d love to have you join us!


Image above by EBLTZ on Society6.


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