Wednesday Holidays Are Weird and The Week That Was–July 6, 2012

stylishFullscreen capture 752012 45759 PM

- Hey, surprise, Hanneli looks great. If that were me I would spill that coffee on my white clothes before even leaving the house.
- The Coach legacy collection is spot on.
- Splattered nails, coolio.
- My fall wardrobe.

craftyFullscreen capture 752012 53449 PM

- This screen tote is a must make for me.
- Love these simple, graphic typography necklaces made from shrink plastic.
- Jordan’s DIY marquee is awesome!
- Grace did a great wrap up of where she buys DIY supplies.
- Dusting off the sewing machine – A piece in The Wall Street Journal about the rise of sewing and DIY. Hooray!

coolFullscreen capture 752012 52950 PM

- This colorful, translucent water tower is unexpected and beautiful.
- As an entrepreneur-type I love following stories of interesting people and brands like this one from Sophia of Nasty Gal. They have a great blog, too. This recent post full of Less Is More pics is a fave.
- Grateful + easy… An Ode To Summer.

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