Vintage 1980’s Graphics Downloads (from my woodburning kit!)

Vintage_1980s_Woodburning_Graphics (2)

(Hey, if Urban Outfitters can call Lisa Frank vintage, then these definitely qualify.)

This week I ran across the manual to my childhood woodburner. I’d picked it up when I visited my parents a month ago, but hadn’t looked inside until two days ago when I was delighted to find it full of these hilarious graphics straight out of the 1980’s.

Anyway, I love stuff like this and thought you might too so I scanned some of my favorite pages. If you want high res versions, download the zip file here.

Vintage_1980s_Woodburning_Graphics (8)

I’m nearly famous?

Vintage_1980s_Woodburning_Graphics (3)

The idea of a ‘comb case’ as a craft has always amused me. You need a case for your comb?

Vintage_1980s_Woodburning_Graphics (5)

Sit on it! Sit on what?

Vintage_1980s_Woodburning_Graphics (6)

I like the space shuttle, but I think they were getting a little lazy with the rest of this page.

Vintage_1980s_Woodburning_Graphics (7)

You can’t tell, but the Thumbs Up graphic has light pencil around it. Apparently I made something with that one!?!

Vintage_1980s_Woodburning_Graphics (1)

Finally, there were a few giant animal graphics. I just scanned the snake.

Vintage_1980s_Woodburning_Graphics (4)

And that’s where they came from. If you want the full resolution copy of these files, download this zip file.


  1. Xtine Hutch says:

    You’re not old enough to remember “Sit on It!” It came from Happy Days and was the worst thing they could say to one another. Thanks for a walk down memory lane!

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