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I’m getting ready to Las Vegas for my third consecutive visit to MAGIC, the ridiculously huge and incredibly inspiring fashion tradeshow. I’ll be leading DIY projects twice a day along with Kristen and Jenni. Above is just a peek at some of the supplies I’ll be bringing along. (Oh yes, my bag will be over 50 lbs so I hope the Southwest employees eat their Wheaties that morning.)

When Macala gave me the opportunity to my first MAGIC a year ago it took me forever to even comprehend what was going on so I thought I’d break it down here in case anyone is interested. MAGIC is so big that it takes up the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. They have a really efficient system of buses and cars that you can take for free to get from your hotel to where you need to be which is great because cabs in Las Vegas can get expensive. (Everything looks so close, so why does it take so long to get around?)

The show is divided into different sections that are geared toward different audiences:

  • WWDMAGIC– This is where we’ll be doing the DIY-ing and you’ll also find the blogger lounge and other fun events going on. There are two giant halls full of women’s clothes and accessories. Flat are *required*- trust me.
  • FNPLATFORM– Yes, there is an entire hall devoted to SHOES! It’s further broken down into sections for men, women, luxury, etc.
  • SOURCING– This section of the show is devoted to over 800 suppliers of fabric, trim, compontents and manufacturers. A trip through SOURCING is mandatory for any DIYer!
  • POOLTRADESHOW– Another of my absolute favorite spots, POOLTRADESHOW is all about art and design. There’s lots of up and coming designers exhibiting and they normally hold a cash and carry sale at the end of the show. (You can’t make purchases anywhere else at the show, it’s only for retailers to place wholesale orders.)
  • MENS/WEAR– Yup, it’s for men!
  • STREET– All different streetstyle brands come together to exhibit.
  • S.L.A.T.E. – A super-fresh take on streetwear. Last year I caught an awesome skateboard show happening right in the middle of all the exhibitors!

On top of all this there’s a great Seminar Series– who wouldn’t want to hear directly from the people behind Zappos and eBay and Google? And when walking the show gets a little tiring there’s tons of interesting things to perk you up like our DIY projects! Smile Last year I saw Cirque du Soleil performers, ping pong matches, big name designers, Jersey Shore castmembers, artists painting tshirts while people were wearing them and on a spinning platform (!), concerts and bunch of other crazy goings-on. It’s definitely a thrill and I’m looking forward to see what this year will bring. If you have any questions about MAGIC, leave them in the comments!

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