Tumblr Vaults Into Fashion Week Front Row

Wow, could there be any more buzz about Tumblr? First we heard that Tumblr hired Rich Tong to serve as a designated fashion director and then that they would be sending 24 bloggers to New York Fashion Weekwhich is approximately equal to the number of people that actually work at Tumblr! Apparently 180 of the top 1000 Tumblrs are fashion-related! Today Fashionista posted the full list of bloggers (whose content will be aggregated here), but I found the discussion in the comments to be more interesting as people mentioned Tumblrs that they felt deserved to go and Rich Tong responded to the suggestions. Tumblr has said that they want to be “the best place in the world for the best creative communties.” Looks like they are on their way.

On top of all that, brands have been joining up at record speed. Here’s a list of branded Tumblr’s you might be interested in:

Lucky Magazine


Teen Vogue

Kate Spade


Saks and Barneys also both launched blogs recently, but they aren’t on Tumblr and aren’t very interesting either. Coincidence?

(Also, did you like that headline? Tumblr vaults! If only I could have worked Dismount Creative in, somehow. Gymnastics metaphors all around!)


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