TShirts + A Visit at Threadless

2012-08-02 15.54.50

I’ve had t-shirts on the brain for the last few weeks. First of all, we need to have some Whimseybox t-shirts designed to wear at Demo Day. It’s a requirement so people can find us and talk with us after we present, so I understand, but it’s a little annoying because (1) I don’t wear many t-shirts (2) unless they are really cool, but (3) that’s hard! We still need to have Whimseybox t-shirts designed and I’m in that place where you know what what you like, but not how to get it.

2012-08-02 16.03.55

You know who is the authority on awesome t-shirts? Threadless! I’ve met a few members of the Threadless team over the last few months and they have all been really excellent. Last week I got to take a quick spin around their office and warehouse, aka one of the coolest, most creative workplaces around.

2012-08-02 15.58.45

During really busy times there are tons of people picking orders- I think this is a fun and fair way to figure out what to play!

2012-08-02 15.55.35

There is all kinds of crazy stuff around their office, but somehow that ugly plant is the funniest to me just because it’s so ordinary. I have to imagine there is a story behind it.


So, all that fun at Threadless and Whimseybox is still sans t-shirts. I’m working on it! Feel free to share any affordable (!) designers you recommend in the comments, too!

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