Thundersnow And The Week That Was – February 4, 2011

Can’t get enough of long skirts like this Marc Jacobs.
A perfect uniform.
– Another long skirt, this Dries, perfect for the winter.

These art installations by Felice Varini are mind-blowing. I’d love to see them in person.
– As a former Chicagoan, my Facebook feed filled with images of Blizzard ’11 this week. Pictures this pretty *almost* make me wish I was there.
– Triangular modular… something. This is what camping on the moon will look like in 2050, maybe.


– Remember the rainbow cake fad? Here’s the next fancy cake surprise just in time for Valentine’s Day, the heart cake.
– Learn to make candlesticks out of plumbing parts with this video from Etsy.
– Sew a simple summer dress with Martha. (This is the only way I get to watch her, since Hallmark is not one of the 400 channels we get. Argh.)

Last Sunday I wrote about the joy in the making, and then on Tuesday this TED talk by MAKE magazine publisher Dougherty titled ‘We Are Makers’ was posted.
– Okay, last thing about making (probably)- check out the gorgeous photo essays on The Maker’s Project.
– Here’s a fun Valentine’s video by Tiger In A Jar. I just ordered an interval timer for my DSLR, so maybe I’ll try something fun like that soon.  

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