Three Things


Last week as I was running out the door I threw on my trust black flats *again* only to discover that I’d worn a hole through them. I’ve never worn through a pair of shoes in my life (save rock climbing shoes) because usually I find another pair I like better long before that could ever happen. Was it a testament to how comfortable they were (a mystery model that was actually made by Crocs, though there’s nothing of the sort on their site at the moment) or the fact that I’ve barely shopped at all in the last year? Probably both.

So it’s time to pick up a few things, especially flats that will stand up to my commute to Excelerate Labs on the CTA this summer. And clothes that will be cute and functional, because while startup founders aren’t usually known for their fashion sense, I like fashion and think of it as a creative outlet. (Please intervene if/when I start wearing Whimseybox tshirts instead of real clothes.)

Here’s my start: Madewell Crisscross Boardwalk Sandals $59.50, Madewell Indigo Stripescreen Dress $74.99, Tom’s Morocco $54


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