The Week That Was – October 22, 2010

It’s the end of another week and I’m waiting anxiously for UPS to deliver the fabric for the futon cover. This week I hooked up the Wii in my office so I can watch Netflix while I’m working. I just started watching Veronica Mars – what was I so busy doing in 2004 that I completely missed this? I’m particularly enjoying the soundtrack- Spoon, Postal Service, Tegan and Sara…  Anyway, here’s some of the cool and inspiring things I saw this week when I wasn’t playing Angry Birds on my Android…

  • I found these custom profile bangles very interesting. Take a close look! I love the bright colors of the resin bracelets, but the gold ones remind me of Darth Vader for some reason! Not recommended for those who dislike their noses…
  • Something about the fashion + science + ingenuity of this airbag helmet idea just resonates with me. I mean, why not? I wonder if it will really work and be affordable?
  • I loved this cartoon/mindmap by Frank Chimero on having ideas and creativity. I always hear people say ‘I’m not creative’ and think ‘Yes! You are!’ Most people’s first ideas aren’t the best ones… the key is to keep at it.
  • Another fun and easy DIY from P.S. I Made This, this one with pom poms. I’ve been mulling over ideas of what to make with some pom pom trim lately…
  • These painted people by Alexa Meade featured on A Cup of Jo really blew me away.
  • One of my favorite things about watching Project Runway (poor, sad Michael C!) is seeing where the designers get their inspiration, so I loved seeing this post from Jason Wu about finding inspiration for a dress in a plate of the best looking pasta on the plant.

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