The Craft and Hobby Show via Malibu

Wait, was the Craft and Hobby Show (CHA) in Malibu, CA? No, it was right here in Chicago, but the nice people at GM offered to loan me a Chevy Malibu to drive around for a little while, and the week of CHA was the perfect opportunity. I’m spending the summer without a car here in Chicago because public transportation and taxis take me pretty much everywhere I need to go.

2012-07-19 08.12.36
Hiya car!

Except for the convention center where CHA was taking place, which is out in the sububs. So it was excellent to have a fun car to enjoy as I raced drove safely between downtown and CHA. Plus it was fully loaded with everything from a backup camera to XM radio. (And  yeah, that backup camera came in really handy while parallel parking a brand new unfamiliar car!)

2012-07-17 08.40.55

Oh, XM radio. Do you have satellite radio? My husband does, but I don’t. It’s amazing how much I enjoy riding around listening to Alt Nation and some of the other stations instead of ‘regular’ radio. Plus, it makes sitting in traffic wayyy better. (I used to commute ~40 miles EACH WAY to work through Chicago traffic on the Kennedy every day. I so should have gotten satellite radio! …Or a different job.)

2012-07-18 10.34.26

And after a week of back and forth and all around I still never filled up the tank. Nice!

2012-07-17 08.38.57

It was also fun to drive through parts of neighborhoods I haven’t seen since I’ve been back in Chicago. For example, this is my old street!

Unforunately I didn’t get many pictures at CHA because I had plans to shoot video on the last day but it fell through :( But I did get to catch up with folks from the CHA, FaveCrafts, Kollabora, Goodsmiths, CRAFT, Craftsy, Dollar Store Crafts, Craft Test Dummies and more. One night a few of us when to Farmhouse for dinner which was great fun. (And definitely worth a visit if you’re in the neighborhood.) Also, everybody loved our Stop Pinning Start Making tote bags, so yay!

2012-07-18 10.18.39

Disclosure: GM lent me this car. They didn’t ask me to write this, even when I offered to say whatever they wanted if they’d let me keep the car forever. Winking smile 

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