Last week I talked a little bit about the journey to creating Whimseybox Influencer and now I want to show off how it works inside. We’ve gotten a great response so far (thank you!) and are adding new bloggers every day. It’s really exciting to see people putting this to work for them and getting their […]


I want to talk about DIY + craft blog monetization, but first I think it will help if I give you a short background about my experience so far – Before I started Whimseybox, I was focusing full-time on building Dismount Creative. My original plan was to teach a lot of classes around Houston for […]

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I spend a lot of time thinking about where the craft industry is going and why I have an irrational amount of frustration, maybe even anger, at what it’s like today. Sometime in high school or college I realized that my love for crafting became uncool. While I didn’t really care either way, I still […]


We’ve started a weekly web show at Whimseybox where Ali and I highlight 5 of our favorite DIY projects from the week, talk about what’s going on at the Whimseybox offices and then chat about other silly stuff. Each episode is 5 – 10 minutes long and we hope it inspires you to get crafty, […]


Washi Mania

by Alicia on February 4, 2014

… is still going strong around these parts. We just got in limited quantities of a few super cute sets at Whimseybox. Three of the sets I can’t show you yet because we’re giving our Pro members first dibs at them, but here are the two others – one we’re calling the Chub Collection because […]