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Summerdaze Are Fading Fast (Grab An August Whimseybox!)

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Summer days are fading… I know because last night my sister Jeanette posted on Facebook that she went to DQ for ice cream. This probably sounds like a super boring status update, but in our family we had a tradition growing up where we always went to DQ the night before school started. We’d get ice cream and then drive by or sometimes peer into the classroom windows in anticipation of a new school year. Now Jeanette works in education so she has continued to go get ice cream the night before school starts in her district – this is the 29th year in a row. I think DQ owes her a freebie next year, don’t you?

I usually hate the end of summer, because duh summer is the best. But this year we’ve got an exciting fall to look forward to and frankly I’m ready for a new season. A fresh start, cool nights, crisp air, the return of the Chicago Bears… it’s all sounding good to me.

For many people, especially busy moms,  fall is when they can get back to a normal routine and maybe even have some time for themselves. It’s also a great time to grab a Whismeybox subscription because (a) we’ve got a sale going on through Friday 8/15! and (b) the projects for the upcoming boxes are AWESOME I’m really excited about them. Here’s the details on the sale and how to sign up. Hope you’ll join us!


This Week on #DIY5

#DIY5 Episode 21 from Whimseybox on Vimeo.

#DIY5 is old enough to drink! It’s our 21st episode and shockingly TLC hasn’t given us our own show yet. I mean, did they miss our flopping last week or what? Anyway, this week we talk about some awesome DIY projects, ponder the creepy Facebook mood manipulation study and welcome anyone who might be looking for a new place to shop for craft supplies, such as perhaps former Hobby Lobby customers :) You can find the full show notes here!

Good Stuff, Lately


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