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This Week on #DIY5

#DIY5 Episode 21 from Whimseybox on Vimeo.

#DIY5 is old enough to drink! It’s our 21st episode and shockingly TLC hasn’t given us our own show yet. I mean, did they miss our flopping last week or what? Anyway, this week we talk about some awesome DIY projects, ponder the creepy Facebook mood manipulation study and welcome anyone who might be looking for a new place to shop for craft supplies, such as perhaps former Hobby Lobby customers :) You can find the full show notes here!

Who Are The Best DIYers on YouTube?

It’s definitely not us, but Ali and I are back with this week’s installment of awesome DIY projects and some ridiculousness. If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if there was a World Cup of Craft (c’mon, who hasn’t?!?) then you won’t want to miss the end of this one. Full show notes here.

But I am on the hunt to find all of the must-watch, must-follow YouTube DIYers – do you know of any? While I’m a total blogoholic, I’ve never really gotten into subscribing to YouTube channels and I’m not sure why. I know there are some amazing vloggers (are we still saying that?) and I want to find more! Here are some that I do know and enjoy –

And here are some other ones I have discovered more recently – SimpleDIYsAnneorshine, AndreasChoice, LaurDIY, Debi’s Design Diary, Karen Kavett and DazzleDIY.

Please share your awesome DIY YouTubers (or Vimeo-ers, if that’s a thing) with me, I want to follow them!

PS – At Whimseybox we’re posting our videos on Vimeo and YouTube now, so follow along wherever you prefer!