We’ve started a weekly web show at Whimseybox where Ali and I highlight 5 of our favorite DIY projects from the week, talk about what’s going on at the Whimseybox offices and then chat about other silly stuff. Each episode is 5 – 10 minutes long and we hope it inspires you to get crafty, […]


Craft Is Love

by Alicia on February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m actually not one that’s much for Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d share a lighter look at love. Here’s a quick video we made jut for fun in the middle of a shoot for Whimseybox a few weeks ago…  


DIY Biz: Craft Is Love

by Alicia on February 3, 2013

The backstory to this video is that last Thursday Alyssa was shooting a ton of new photos for all sorts of stuff on Whimseybox. Photo shoots are one of my favorite things – I’m obsessed with great DIY and craft stuff so spending the day creating beautiful, inspiring pictures is no hardship for me.  And […]


Dude, I’m going to Alt. Are you?

by Alicia on January 16, 2013

(testing out part of our display) Hiya! Things in WhimseyboxHQ are getting crazy as I’m just back from CHA (photo recap here) and now we’re getting ready to pack up and head to Alt Summit in SLC! Bri, Rachel and I will be out there because Whimseybox is a sponsor of this awesome event. We’re […]


CHA + more cool stuff

by Alicia on January 11, 2013

(my view. nice, but it’s colder here than I expected!) What a whirlwind this week has been! It was full of web host problems (ugh), Quickbooks (triple ugh) and Alt prep (hooray!). Now I’m out in Anaheim for the Craft + Hobby tradeshow – can’t wait to see that great new creative stuff coming out […]

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