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Holiday Inspiration


Ready or not, they are around the corner. And actually, so far I’m feeling pretty ready. We spent the weekend getting the house ready for visitors – organizing the guest room which had been completely overtaken by Whimseybox stuff – and annoying tasks like replacing all of the burned out lightbulbs we are too lazy to normally. And, I’m half-embarrassed/half-relieved to admit, ordering a significant fraction of our Thanksgiving meal from Whole Foods. We’re still going to cook the turkey, but stuffing, gravy, etc will be picked up on Wednesday. This is totally cheating and I’m surprised that I’m okay with it, but I totally am. I went online just to order the turkey but the made the rest of it too easy to resist.

It’s a short week – make the most of it!

Clockwise from top left: Photos, ornaments, lights, table, decorations, window, snowflakes, candles, gifts.