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Pink Inspiration


I’m working on a super pink DIY for the Whimseybox office at the moment so I have the color on the brain. It’s going to be a giant Fatboy-style beanbag chair. We hung out on the ones at 1871 a lot last summer (proof here!) so I thought we should have one of our own for the office. It’s a lot of sewing, but fortunately it’s all straight lines. Cross your fingers that I finish this week!

1st Column: hair, sofa, fridge
2nd Column: chairs, car, coat
3rd Column: dress, rug, door

DIY Geometric Pouch

A few weeks ago Sharpie sent me a package of their new Stained fabric markers to try out. I decided to put them to use making a zipper pouch, a project I’ve been meaning to try forever because I always need more. Can you ever have too many little pouches for organizing?

I started out by deciding to use an 8.5 x 11 piece of printer paper as my ‘pattern’ because… it was handy. My original design idea was to use platinum leather to reinforce the bottom- isn’t it pretty? It’s from the business card case project I did with the Texas Style Council Conference bloggers last spring. Unfortunately I ended up leaving the leather out of this project because it’s too tough for my machine to sew through.

I used basic muslin fabric for the pouch – it’s what I had on hand.  Since it was rather thin I reinforced it with some fusible interfacing before getting started. My triangle pattern was inspired by something I saw here and colors came from – not kidding – the two bright pink and red yoga mats that a girl was using together at my studio last weekend. (Inspiration is everywhere!) Using pencil and a ruler I lightly traced out a grid and started filling it in with pink, orange and red.

I like doing repetitive things like drawing in all these triangles. Did you ever watch The Osbournes on MTV? It reminded me of how Ozzy would always be coloring in those pictures.

One Teen Mom and part of a Deadliest Catch later I was finished. The markers worked great and I really liked the brush tip. I had to be careful because the red would sometimes bleed into the adjacent triangles if I wasn’t careful. Also my left hand and arm were smudged with ink because I’m left-handed but i’m used to that.

I followed the excellent instructions in this tutorial when sewing.

And there’s the finished product! I’m really happy with it, though I still wish it had a leather bottom or corners. Perhaps on the next one- I’m thinking of making her a twin brother using the green/blue/purple Stained markers.

Pink! + Thoughts En Route To WWDMAGIC

Clockwise from top left: Elle Cover, Quote, Pink Lips, Balloons, Makeup , Camera, Stripes, Stairs

The future is now! I’m happily posting from 30,000 feet as I travel to WWDMAGIC on this wifi-equipped Southwest Airlines flight.It was a gorgeous weekend in Houston and now I’m expecting a beautiful few days in sunny Las Vegas checking out the future of fashion.

It’s great to have a few extra minutes in the air to put together this V-day themed board. First the Valentines and now this – too much?

P.S. – Thanks to Jenni at I Spy DIY for dedicating a posts to some of my DIYs. It’s a high compliment – her InStyle column and blog are required reading!