…GREECE! I’ll get back to that in a second. First, you should check out the new DIY leather card case project posted on Whimseybox. It’s the updated leather card case project I taught at Craftcation, and you can download the pattern for free. Second, this morning I picked up the keys to our NEW OFFICE! […]


Our DIY Photo Studio

by Alicia on March 5, 2013

We are really excited about the move to Boulder, but there’s a lot that we’re going to miss as well. For me, our house is one of the major things. That might sound a kind of crazy, but you have to realize that (1) I haven’t seen our new house yet, so I don’t even […]


Pipe Inspiration

by Alicia on January 14, 2013

Also, while searching for great pipe inspiration I realized how many different kinds of pipe there are – plumbing pipe, piping, snowboard half-pipes, surfing pipes, tobacco pipes, marijuana pipes, pipe cleaners, piped frosting … quite a variety. But the industrial style is definitely my favorite. (Maybe it’s the engineer in me!) First Column: Table, bed, […]