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Yay, Jewelry Findings!

2012-08-15 09.17.52

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Etsy shop Geometric Land, so I thought I’d show you my order. One of the tricky things about buying jewelry components online is that it’s often hard to really understand the scale. I’m often looking back and forth between my screen and a tape measure and then squinting my eyes and trying to imagine how it will look in person. Anyway, I’m really happy these pieces. They have  niece weight to them and I love the brass color. (The beads look super gold in this picture, but they’re not.)

2012-08-15 09.13.05

A close-up of the triangles.

2012-08-15 09.15.21

And the tubes. I can’t wait to string some bright-colored cord through there! Finished projects to come soon, I hope!

DIY Leather & Metal Bow Necklace

When I saw the inspiration for this necklace I thought: leather+metal+bow = must DIY!

Gather your supplies: leather (new, recycled, or you could use felt if you abstain from leather), sheet metal (check your hardware store), Super Glue, chain, wire and a jump ring. The tools you’ll need are a pair of tin snips, scissors, leather punch and pliers.

Use your scissors to cut out the leather pieces. You’ll need four pieces: a 8”x3” rectangle, a 3”x ½” rectangle and two “tails” that are 3” long and tapered from ¾” at the top down to 1 ½” at the bottom.

Use the tin snips to start cutting metal pieces in trapezoid shapes for the tails. (Be careful when cutting metal! I recommend wearing safety glasses.) Don’t worry about making them all identical because a little variety adds to the piece. You want them to fit on the leather and leave a visible border of the material around the outside. When you like what you’ve got go ahead and glue them down with the Super Glue.

Build the bow by taking the largest piece of leather and folding the two ends to meet in the center. Pinch the center and wrap with wire to secure. Leave an extra 6” of wire on each end.

Use your leather punch to make a small hole in each end of the 3” x ½“ strip and two holes at the top of each of the tails. Thread one end of the leather strip onto the wires on the bow, wrap it around and then thread the wires through the other hole to secure. Next, add one tails to one of the wires and the other tail to the other wire. Twist the wire to secure, snip off any extra and tuck the ends into the bow.

To add the metal armor pieces to the top part of the bow cut some trapezoid shapes – irregular is okay! To attach them I found Super Glue to be the easiest, but you could also use a screw punch to make holes in the center and sew them on OR rivet them in place.

Finally, open your jump ring and attach your bow to the chain through the wire on the back.

Wear and enjoy!

DIY Leather and Metal Pyramid Necklace

I’d been thinking about finding ways to put leather and metal together for some DIY when I ran across the inspiration for this necklace. I changed the design up a bit to suit the materials I had on-hand, using some leather scraps and the metal leftover from my DIY Metal Collar. (Of course, a flat sheet of metal would work too.)

It did require a few tools – tin snips to cut the metal, sheers for the leather, a leather punch and a screw punch to make the holes. I drew a rough sketch of the shape on a piece of paper and then cut out the leather parts – a skinny rectangle for the top layer and the inverted pyramid bars shape for the bottom layer. Then I cut the middle (two-bar) and the top piece (rectangle) from the metal.

I used a Sharpie to make small dots where I wanted to punch the holes and started punching. I used the first piece as a guide to mark the location of the holes on the other layers so that they would all line up properly.

Then I connected all the pieces using 5 jump rings across the bottom and one each to attach the chain in the top corners.

Not exactly rocket science, huh? Fun, cheap and instantly gratifying.