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The Week That Was–March 1, 2013


It’s been forever since I got around writing one of these! It’s been crazy busy around here since we’re 10 days away from the big move and there’s tons of excitement going on with Whimseybox too. Next week we’re shooing one last round of WhimseyboxTV videos with our videographer Zach so there’s lots of prep underway for that, plus I had a total craft fail this week and a very cute Ikea lamp paid the ultimate price. I’m going to see if I can figure out how to give that project another shot this weekend.

Things you might have missed:
DIY Washi Tape Memo Boards
DIY Washi Tape Charger Cords
DIY Leather Button Coasters + A Fiskars Fuse Giveaway (go enter!)
DIY Gold Leather Knot Bracelet
Whimseybox is hiring!

/Life is for spending
/This video of Medieval calligraphy is amazing
/Geometric birthstones prints
/Awesome DIY wood arrows
/Teaspoon wallpaper!

New DIY! Leather Button Coasters + A Fiskars Fuse Giveaway!

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared these leather coasters I found in the Ace Hotel shop? Well, I set out to make my own.

DIY Leather Letterpress Fiskars Fuse Button Coasters (12)

And they came out pretty awesome! I used the new Fiskars Fuse die cut and letterpress machine and it actually cut the suuuuuuper thick leather I chose. Amazing.

DIY Leather Letterpress Fiskars Fuse Button Coasters (6)

You can find the full DIY and win your own Fiskar’s Fuse on Whimseybox so go check it out! What will you make?

DIY Leather Letterpress Fiskars Fuse Button Coasters (1)

DIY Leather Knot Bracelet

DIY Leather Knot Bracelet (10)

I just posted this Celine-inspired leather knot bracelet DIY over on Whimseybox. Seriously in love with how it came out! It’s my favorite kind of project – simple, stylish and completed in less than an hour. Plus leather. Plus gold!

(PS – Remember this Celine bracelet? One of the earliest DIYs I posted on this site! Also, my graphic design and photography is definitely improving!)

Let’s Shop: Ace Hotel


There’s lots of fun stuff for sale in the Ace Hotel’s online shop but I settled on sharing just my favorite leather goods because they look so nice together. (I could have added this one, but you know how I feel about comb cases.) But if I were to add a few non-leather faves, this tote and this stencil + tshirt would definitely make the cut.

one. Tanner Goods Leather Bracelet $50
two. Ace Swim Club Membership (with keychain) $240
three. Commune Leather Coasters 5 for $20 <—steal!
four. Tanner Goods Camera Strap $110
five. Beams Luggage Tag $65