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And the NSA said ‘Let there be light!’

Free Lamp-2

A few weeks ago two things happened in perfect timing. The first was that we rearranged our desks at Whimseybox HQ. When we first moved into the office almost 3 months ago (whoa, can’t believe we’ve been here that long!) I bought 6 desks at Ikea and set them up in one big pod of 6. But with the addition of our summer interns, we’ve already outgrown that setup so after another couple of trips to idea for more desks we now have room for everyone to sit down again. Downside was that now my desk is pushed further back into a kind of dark corner.

The other thing that happened that week was that Lamps.com emailed me to see if I was interested in trying out one of their lamps for free. Despite the slightly unsettling feeling that the NSA may told them that I was suddenly in need of some illumination, I was psyched and agreed to check out this adorable Adesso spotlight table lamp. It came super fast but without the free light bulb I expected. Fortunately I found one stashed in the closet here (seriously a grab bag of crazy stuff left from the last company) and it worked perfectly.

I’m kind of in love with it, and it’s cute enough to become a prop in lots of upcoming shoots for Whimseybox which is perfect for me. Everything around here is fair game for a photo shoot! Thanks Lamps.com.

Free Lamp-3

Disclosure: Lamps.com sent me this lamp. They did not pay me in dollars or light bulbs, but I’m open to either.