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My Favorite Craft Tools


Last night I was doing an interview with [sorrycan’tsayyet] magazine and sharing all of my favorite craft supplies and tools. I’m actually pretty passionate about my tools (not surprising, really, since I use them daily) and have been looking for a better way to share tools with the creative community on Whimseybox. And now they’re here! Check out two of our new must-have sets: the Craft Blogger Scissor Set and the Jewelry Tools Starter Set.

The Craft Blogger Scissor Set has two pairs of gold-handled scissors designed to slice and dice their way through the most challenging DIY projects and still look great in the pictures afterwards. Plus, they are total steal for $25.

The Jewelry Tools Starter Set is a four piece set that includes ergonomic chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, flush cutters and a super handy jump ring opener. (If you don’t have a jump ring opener, you are missing out. Trust me.) They’re everything you need to start marking your own DIY jewelry, and they come in handy on tons of other projects too. $15

Finally, do you see those cute it’s time to diy bags? We love them!

DIY Leather Knot Bracelet

DIY Leather Knot Bracelet (10)

I just posted this Celine-inspired leather knot bracelet DIY over on Whimseybox. Seriously in love with how it came out! It’s my favorite kind of project – simple, stylish and completed in less than an hour. Plus leather. Plus gold!

(PS – Remember this Celine bracelet? One of the earliest DIYs I posted on this site! Also, my graphic design and photography is definitely improving!)

New DIY Projects: Stamped Cards and Brass Jewelry

Hooray, I’ve finally made some time to MAKE STUFF! This summer my craft time took a serious hit and even since I’ve been back home it was still seriously lacking. But the last two weeks have been pretty good.


Yesterday I sat down here and finally started playing with these brass pieces I bought eons ago. I made this convertible bracelet/necklace that I’m pretty excited about.


That’s the necklace version, and here it is a bracelet:


Yeah, I look like I’m punching something in this picture. I have not mastered the skill of taking a picture of my own wrist. I thought about trying to use a mirror, but then you might have been able to see *me* which just wasn’t in the cards, because I’d been awake for about 36 hours when I took this picture and, well, that’s not a good look for me. I am so overtired. I mean, take this collection of pictures for example…


What was I thinking!? I know what I’m thinking now and it’s that I’m definitely getting a manicure this weekend. ANYWAY, the bracelet is super cute, just trust me.

And while I was working on this project, I also made another bracelet using leather cord and the brass tube beads that came out really cute too. I’ll spare you the awkward arm shots of this one, so here’s an in-progress pic:


Full step-by-step tutorials for these projects are over on Whimseybox:

And there are lots more great projects there, too- check out our newly redesigned projects page! There’s lots more to come here as well.

Plus, we want to see what you’re making. And you don’t have to be a Whimseybox subscriber to participate. Anyone can join and it’s free and easy. Sign up and post a project, would you? It can be one quick pic of something you’ve made, or all of the information about how to make it. And, if the project is already on your blog you can just post the link. It’s a great way to promote your DIY projects, because we’ll be sharing our favorite projects in the Whimseybox newsletter every week.

By the way, see that Southwestern Motif Stamped Card project? I made that last weekend and am totally in love with them.

Fullscreen capture 10182012 85033 PM

Yay, Jewelry Findings!

2012-08-15 09.17.52

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Etsy shop Geometric Land, so I thought I’d show you my order. One of the tricky things about buying jewelry components online is that it’s often hard to really understand the scale. I’m often looking back and forth between my screen and a tape measure and then squinting my eyes and trying to imagine how it will look in person. Anyway, I’m really happy these pieces. They have  niece weight to them and I love the brass color. (The beads look super gold in this picture, but they’re not.)

2012-08-15 09.13.05

A close-up of the triangles.

2012-08-15 09.15.21

And the tubes. I can’t wait to string some bright-colored cord through there! Finished projects to come soon, I hope!