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Makeathon Night!


Tonight we’re having a Makeathon at Whimseybox. It’s our version of the popular idea of a startup hackathon, where developers get together and build a new solution for something. It’s an opportunity to pick a project that you maybe would never otherwise work on and try to make something awesome. Since we’re not all programmers, our version is a Makeathon where the making is generally less technical. Lately as things have gotten busier I’ve found myself spending less and less time getting hands on so it’s a welcome opportunity to dive in! This is my inspiration board, I look forward to sharing what I make! I’ve got a project for the office planned and plan on playing with the new Cricut Explore to make it.

*While writing this I just had a fun idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if every Whimseybox employee got a craft supply budget for the month to encourage them to make stuff? I’m not sure what it would be or exactly how we’d administer it but I think that would be an awesome perk – I’m going to figure it out! What do you think, would $100/month be cool? We have a lot of supplies here but that would make it easy for them to get the other items they need.

Image Sources: Banner, pillow, creativity, gems, start, bags, hangers.

Pink Inspiration


I’m working on a super pink DIY for the Whimseybox office at the moment so I have the color on the brain. It’s going to be a giant Fatboy-style beanbag chair. We hung out on the ones at 1871 a lot last summer (proof here!) so I thought we should have one of our own for the office. It’s a lot of sewing, but fortunately it’s all straight lines. Cross your fingers that I finish this week!

1st Column: hair, sofa, fridge
2nd Column: chairs, car, coat
3rd Column: dress, rug, door

We Are Wild


I’ve been a fan of Julian Bialowas since he did the 365 project last year. I’m sure I’ve posted about it here a few times (it takes everything I have to not immediately reblog every one of his pictures) but I’m too lazy to go find the links. Since then he’s released four issues of 16 Hours both digitally and in print but for some reason this one, 04 We Are Wild, is the first one I’ve purchased. And now I’m going to go back and buy 01 Wanderlust, 02 Home and 03 Urban.


I love digital content as much (or more!) than the next person, but I’m much happier having this sitting on my table than glowing on my screen.


This, btw, is a part of an effort to drink less Diet Coke. Same great bubbles, 100% less aspartame and caramel coloring.


It’s like someone printed out my Pinterest board! 😉


Art + Sole Inspiration


(Clockwise from top left: Art + Sole, papercutgraffiti, wrapping paper, Stockholm bathroom graffiti, print, cider bags)

Hey, this is a special Monday inspiration! I’m teaming up with UGG Australia to spread the word about Art + Sole, a contest where you can design your own pair of UGG boots and enter them for a chance to win $5,000 and have your design produced and sold by UGG Australia! Plus, a portion of the proceeds from the winning design will go to benefit Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the design template and get creative! You can create and save your design on the computer or print the templates, design by hand and scan the finished image.
  • Upload your design on the UGG Australia Facebook page before December 26th! Be sure to like them so you won’t forget about the deadline.
  • Vote for the design you like best between 12/27 – 1/5!

Now for the best part – I’m giving away a free pair of boots from the UGG Australia Core Collection. (That‘s up to a $400 value!) I shared my inspiration board above and in a few days I’ll show you my finished boot design. To win the boots, just leave a comment below before 12/26 telling me what inspires you! I’ll draw a random entry from all the comments on 12/27. Good luck!

* This is a sponsored post. The prize is being provided by UGG Australia, but UGG Australia is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of UGG Australia. Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US or Canada only.

DIY Inspiration: The Details

One of my favorite sources of inspiration are close-up shots that highlight the details. Street Style blogs are a good source, and some other blogs like Style Bubble do a great job of including these shots. I also take my own whenever I run into an interesting texture or pattern that catches my eye. Here are a few favorites I’ve taken while traveling. All of these shots are from Turkey or Thailand. Can you can tell which ones belong to which country?