Pink Inspiration

by Alicia on June 10, 2013

I’m working on a super pink DIY for the Whimseybox office at the moment so I have the color on the brain. It’s going to be a giant Fatboy-style beanbag chair. We hung out on the ones at 1871 a lot last summer (proof here!) so I thought we should have one of our own […]


We Are Wild

by Alicia on April 3, 2012

I’ve been a fan of Julian Bialowas since he did the 365 project last year. I’m sure I’ve posted about it here a few times (it takes everything I have to not immediately reblog every one of his pictures) but I’m too lazy to go find the links. Since then he’s released four issues of […]

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Art + Sole Inspiration

by Alicia on December 5, 2011

(Clockwise from top left: Art + Sole, papercut, graffiti, wrapping paper, Stockholm bathroom graffiti, print, cider bags) Hey, this is a special Monday inspiration! I’m teaming up with UGG Australia to spread the word about Art + Sole, a contest where you can design your own pair of UGG boots and enter them for a chance […]


DIY Inspiration: The Details

by Alicia on May 11, 2011

One of my favorite sources of inspiration are close-up shots that highlight the details. Street Style blogs are a good source, and some other blogs like Style Bubble do a great job of including these shots. I also take my own whenever I run into an interesting texture or pattern that catches my eye. Here […]


Magazines, Notebooks and The Fancy

by Alicia on January 25, 2011

Do you still read print magazines? I love to. Often when I have a trip coming up I’ll try not to peek at my latest arrivals until the flight. This works maybe 1 out of 10 times. But my real problems begin after I’ve read the magazines. Whether it’s Oprah or InStyle or Martha, I […]

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