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DIY Geo Doormat!

3d Rug-6a

It’s a DIY geo doormat! I was inspired by a cool German product I saw featured on Swissmiss and decided to whip up my own this week with a plain rug and some black spray paint. Then we ran around the block and stuck it in front of a nice looking townhouse to shoot it because our doors/carpet/tile at Whimseybox are, well, not very photogenic. Fortunately no one noticed and came out to ask what the heck we were doing.

3d Rug-5a

Want to make your own? Here’s the step-by-step!


Nope, just Tuesday. (Plus new DIYs on Whimseybox!)

Holy crazy. Moving, followed immediately by a 5 day trip to Ventura for Craftcation (more soon!) and leading 3 sessions is a recipe for, I don’t know, a nervous breakdown? I got home at 1am Sunday night and basically hurled myself directly into this week. This morning I woke up and thought ‘is it the weekend yet?’ Nope, just Tuesday.

ANYWAY, while I’m climbing over boxes and walking around with my phone attached to my ear this week, I recommend you check out some great DIYs we have up on Whimseybox, like…

DIY Diamond Painted Tote

DIY Diamond Tote Bag

Yarn Wrapped Memo Board

DIY Yarn Memo Board 1

DIY Abstract Painted Pillow

DIY Painted Pillow (1)

Good stuff, right! Hope your day is more than just Tuesday!

The Joinery


Along with any move comes the desire to decorate. We only plan to be in this house for the next 18 months, so it’s not a good time to go crazy, but still I can’t help myself. I’ll take one of everything at Joinery, like this large woven rug (just $160, but out of stock) and this dressing ladder (also just $160).


And don’t forget the clothes. The perfect poncho for a chilly Boulder evening? On sale, but still $255. Love this blue dress too, especially the hem (blue dresses forever!) but it’s also over $200 on sale.

New DIY! Leather Button Coasters + A Fiskars Fuse Giveaway!

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared these leather coasters I found in the Ace Hotel shop? Well, I set out to make my own.

DIY Leather Letterpress Fiskars Fuse Button Coasters (12)

And they came out pretty awesome! I used the new Fiskars Fuse die cut and letterpress machine and it actually cut the suuuuuuper thick leather I chose. Amazing.

DIY Leather Letterpress Fiskars Fuse Button Coasters (6)

You can find the full DIY and win your own Fiskar’s Fuse on Whimseybox so go check it out! What will you make?

DIY Leather Letterpress Fiskars Fuse Button Coasters (1)