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Nope, just Tuesday. (Plus new DIYs on Whimseybox!)

Holy crazy. Moving, followed immediately by a 5 day trip to Ventura for Craftcation (more soon!) and leading 3 sessions is a recipe for, I don’t know, a nervous breakdown? I got home at 1am Sunday night and basically hurled myself directly into this week. This morning I woke up and thought ‘is it the weekend yet?’ Nope, just Tuesday.

ANYWAY, while I’m climbing over boxes and walking around with my phone attached to my ear this week, I recommend you check out some great DIYs we have up on Whimseybox, like…

DIY Diamond Painted Tote

DIY Diamond Tote Bag

Yarn Wrapped Memo Board

DIY Yarn Memo Board 1

DIY Abstract Painted Pillow

DIY Painted Pillow (1)

Good stuff, right! Hope your day is more than just Tuesday!

Diamond Inspiration


Hey, look what’s not new around here- me still being obsessed with everything geometric. Lately it’s all about the diamond shape. And yeah, there’s a DIY in the works. Cross your fingers that it gets done before the packing begins later this week. (OMG, less than a week left in Houston!)

A bunch of fun projects coming up this week here + on Whimseybox. I’m suddenly super inspired and cranking out stuff left and right. Hooray! Also, all of the work I did this weekend was accompanied by a marathon of Damages, which I finally got around to starting on Netflix. I was carrying the iPad upstairs to fold laundry, to the kitchen counter to work, to the living room to craft. Can. Not. Stop.

1st Row: Light, pendant
2nd Row: Envelope, planter
3rd Row: Earrings, print

A Very Geo Thanksgiving


Don’t the two of these look great together? I’m particularly enamored with the platters on the right because I’ve been thinking of making Thanksgiving geometric-themed. (The Pilgrims would approve, right?) Because yeah, we’re hosting Thankgiving this year + it’s our very first time. So instead of figuring out how to cook a turkey, I’m thinking of obscure themes and how to make placecards for our small handful of guests, all of whom will probably sit where they like anyway.

But a semi-serious turkey question: My husband thinks we should go the deep-fried route. And apparently one of his co-workers (who lives about 2 miles away) will be deep-frying that day and has offered to do ours as well. So I’m thinking, what does that look like? We have a turkey, prep it here (I do not yet know exactly what this entails and will block it from my mind until the last possible moment) and then put it in the car and drive over there. Then we stand around for the ??? time it takes to fry and turkey and THEN the scary part – put the turkey back in the car and drive it home? I mean, I’ve seen enough sitcoms to know that something *always* goes wrong on the first Thanksgiving. So does driving our turkey around town and carrying it up and down flights of stairs guarantee disaster? Or just make it more than likely?

Left: Sun Print $18. Right: Platters $TOOMUCH

Yay, Jewelry Findings!

2012-08-15 09.17.52

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Etsy shop Geometric Land, so I thought I’d show you my order. One of the tricky things about buying jewelry components online is that it’s often hard to really understand the scale. I’m often looking back and forth between my screen and a tape measure and then squinting my eyes and trying to imagine how it will look in person. Anyway, I’m really happy these pieces. They have  niece weight to them and I love the brass color. (The beads look super gold in this picture, but they’re not.)

2012-08-15 09.13.05

A close-up of the triangles.

2012-08-15 09.15.21

And the tubes. I can’t wait to string some bright-colored cord through there! Finished projects to come soon, I hope!