DIY Geo Doormat!

by Alicia on June 18, 2013

It’s a DIY geo doormat! I was inspired by a cool German product I saw featured on Swissmiss and decided to whip up my own this week with a plain rug and some black spray paint. Then we ran around the block and stuck it in front of a nice looking townhouse to shoot it […]


Semi-circle Inspiration

by Alicia on April 3, 2013

Officially obsessed with this shape, what about you? ┬áKate Spade does it again. Also obsessed with sunshine (always) and really hoping it comes out today, because the SNOW yesterday- in April!- was totally unwelcome. Man, a few years in Houston totally turned this Chicago x Minnesota girl into a wuss. Hope spring is springing wherever […]

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Diamond Inspiration

by Alicia on March 4, 2013

Hey, look what’s not new around here- me still being obsessed with everything geometric. Lately it’s all about the diamond shape. And yeah, there’s a DIY in the works. Cross your fingers that it gets done before the packing begins later this week. (OMG, less than a week left in Houston!) A bunch of fun […]