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DIY Geo Doormat!

3d Rug-6a

It’s a DIY geo doormat! I was inspired by a cool German product I saw featured on Swissmiss and decided to whip up my own this week with a plain rug and some black spray paint. Then we ran around the block and stuck it in front of a nice looking townhouse to shoot it because our doors/carpet/tile at Whimseybox are, well, not very photogenic. Fortunately no one noticed and came out to ask what the heck we were doing.

3d Rug-5a

Want to make your own? Here’s the step-by-step!


Semi-circle Inspiration


Officially obsessed with this shape, what about you?  Kate Spade does it again.

Also obsessed with sunshine (always) and really hoping it comes out today, because the SNOW yesterday- in April!- was totally unwelcome. Man, a few years in Houston totally turned this Chicago x Minnesota girl into a wuss. Hope spring is springing wherever you are!

1st Column: Art, necklace, necklace
2nd Column: Purse, garland, tape
3rd Column: Mugs, purse, pillow

Diamond Inspiration


Hey, look what’s not new around here- me still being obsessed with everything geometric. Lately it’s all about the diamond shape. And yeah, there’s a DIY in the works. Cross your fingers that it gets done before the packing begins later this week. (OMG, less than a week left in Houston!)

A bunch of fun projects coming up this week here + on Whimseybox. I’m suddenly super inspired and cranking out stuff left and right. Hooray! Also, all of the work I did this weekend was accompanied by a marathon of Damages, which I finally got around to starting on Netflix. I was carrying the iPad upstairs to fold laundry, to the kitchen counter to work, to the living room to craft. Can. Not. Stop.

1st Row: Light, pendant
2nd Row: Envelope, planter
3rd Row: Earrings, print