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DIY Biz: I Can Do It On My Own

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Red Fraggle is my spirit animal. A few years ago I was her for Halloween (heyyyyyyy 2006 Alicia) and shortly after that my brother bought me the entire box set. That’s when I realized I am a grown up Red Fraggle. Competitive, energetic, perfectionist. A little bit of a know-it-all?

Over Thanksgiving when my 2yo niece SJ was visiting I broke out the DVDs to entertain her. (And myself, because what is up with that Max & Ruby show the kids watch nowadays? Ugh.) Anyway, in the third episode Red sings a song called “I Can Do It On My Own.” But of course –big spoiler- even though Red sings she can ‘do it do it, on her own!’ she ends up needing help later in the episode. This is a super lousy video I shot using my cell phone because I do not care to mess with whatever kind of magic is required to get something from a DVD to YouTube.

This song comes to mind sometimes sometimes when I’m trying to figure out how to get one more thing done. In any business, especially a startup like Whimseybox, there’s always more to do than we have people or experience or time or resources. And my natural instinct is to tell myself (and my team) that I can do it. I’ll figure it out, I’ll squeeze it in, I’ll learn the new skill. It’s probably true of most entrepreneurs, because of course we want to be involved in every decision, oversee every detail and understand every aspect of our dreams. (Exception: Our website. Patrick is so 42092x better at everything in that area that I’m like ‘go for it!’ Exception to the exception: One time he used a picture from a photo shoot that made perfect sense on the page BUT was a super unflattering angle of me. I made him take it down immediately.)

So yeah, I want to do it all. The problem is that sometimes (often?) I’m not the best person for the job.

The good news is that I have some team members that are great at stepping up. It’s so critical to a business at our stage that every member be a rockstar self-starter who’s constantly looking for ways to do more and help each other. And not with ideas, but with actions. (Ideas are ok, but we’ve got lots of them. We can never have enough action.) The email I love to read says ‘hey, I think we can do better at XXXX. I’m on it.’

Of course, that doesn’t let me off the hook. The most important thing is for me to lose the ‘I Can Do It On My Own’ and make the most of all of our incredible resources. Especially now, because a few weeks ago we took on an investment from some really talented partners Smile

Gobo: Don’t pretend that you can bake and race and bang a hammer.
Red: Why pretend when you want the best and we all know that I am her.
Gobo: Don’t pretend that no one else has got abilities.
Red: I don’t need pretending all I need is me, me, me!