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DIY Biz: I Can Do It On My Own

by Alicia on December 6, 2012

Red Fraggle is my spirit animal. A few years ago I was her for Halloween (heyyyyyyy 2006 Alicia) and shortly after that my brother bought me the entire box set. That’s when I realized I am a grown up Red Fraggle. Competitive, energetic, perfectionist. A little bit of a know-it-all? Over Thanksgiving when my 2yo […]


DIY Biz: Women in Entrepreneurship

by Alicia on November 4, 2012

(Shot from a failed DIY project) Can I talk about something that is kind of half-baked in my mind? I’m uncertain about this, but it keeps coming up so I want to sort out my feelings about it. Women in technology. Women in science. It’s a good thing, right? I think we agree. (Not in […]


DIY Biz: Stay and Defend

by Alicia on July 11, 2012

(This theme song for this post is Stay and Defend – Wolf Gang.) Hi there! As I mentioned yesterday, I’m waaaaaaay overdue for a DIY biz post. I said that they are the hardest and also the most rewarding to write because sometimes I’m not even sure what I’m thinking or feeling, so I don’t […]