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The Whimseybox DIY + Craft Trend Report

Today we published the first Whimseybox DIY and Craft Trend Report. It’s a piece we’re excited to share and build upon in the coming quarters and years. We feel like we’ve got front row seats to the incredible diy/maker movement and have been looking for a way to start sharing more back with the community. Here’s what I said in the introduction:

At Whimseybox we eat, sleep and breathe DIY and craft, and so does our community. This, our first quarterly trend report, was created by analyzing the content posted, shared and consumed on whimseybox.com. We track every search, share, click and comment in our efforts to build the best place for people to find DIY inspiration and buy craft supplies online. Read on for a glimpse into what’s in, what’s out and what’s next.

I hope you enjoy it!

It’s DIY Time, Baby!


Yesterday afternoon I whipped up this super cute tote using gold leaf on fabric. Ever tried it? It actually works great and has a cool effect. The hardest part of this entire project was trying to get a good picture of it because the gold reflects the light so much. I used the new Cricut Explore to cut out the design and already am starting to think about more ideas for this technique. I know it’s a long way off, but I think this could make some really cool and sophisticated metallic Christmas stockings. Or even a big piece of fabric art for a room. My wheels are turning!

Check out the full step-by-step DIY on Whimseybox!


Hey, I made this rad bear water/wine bottle pouch!


Any picnics or festivals in your future? Have a ton of those freebie flat plastic water bottles that everyone is slapping their logo on these days? Well then I’ve got a project for you! I sewed up this cutie in just a few fast minutes and even got to play with our new Circut Explore to cut out the cute iron-on bear.

You can find the full project over on Whimseybox of course!

Whimseybox Influencer: What It Is + Why It’s Awesome

Fullscreen capture 3122014 45248 PM

Last week I talked a little bit about the journey to creating Whimseybox Influencer and now I want to show off how it works inside. We’ve gotten a great response so far (thank you!) and are adding new bloggers every day. It’s really exciting to see people putting this to work for them and getting their feedback – St. Patrick is making updates and tweaks to improve the experience everyday. Here’s how it works –

Who’s It For?
Whimseybox Influencer is affiliate technology designed for DIY + craft bloggers and publishers. (We’re doing for craft what rewardStyle has done for fashion bloggers.) You don’t need to blog exclusively about DIY + craft, though! It’s okay if you like to post about craft along with other things like fashion or kids or food or whatever. It also works for larger publishers and websites (hey Martha, call us!). It’s not designed for any site that is exclusively about discounts, a site that doesn’t post original content or anything spammy. Our team reviews every site to make sure that Influencer is a good fit before we activate the account.

Why Would I Want To Use Influencer?
I think there are three main reasons that Influencer is awesome –
1. Create a new revenue stream for your blog – You’re already sharing projects and supplies, and you know people are buying supplies and making projects that you share. We think you should earn a commission when your post inspires someone else to make a purchase. It’s another way to support your creative work, and in these days of declining display ad revenue we think it’s a great additional revenue stream.
2. Show your readers what to buy – Not everyone knows their local craft store inside out. In fact, for many people buying supplies can be confusing and intimidating. (Why are there so many types of glue?!) I’ve found that often people want to use the exact supplies I used, and with Influencer you can easily point them to precisely what they need.
3. Learn what your readers like – We’re developing analytics features that we think you’ll love. Track what your readers click on and what they buy, and then later if you choose you can share that information with companies you might want to partner with. You’ll be able to tell them exactly how many views + sales your content created for them.
Those are the big three, but there’s more – we want to build a valuable network for Influencers. We’re featuring Influencer content on our homepage to show off your creativity and drive traffic to your sites, we’re profiling one Influencer every week on DIY5 and there’s much more. In fact, current Influencers should be watching their mailboxes next week… :)

How Does It Work?
Once you’re an Influencer you can share individual supplies or entire supply lists on your blog and we’ll automatically append a personal code so we can track anytime someone follows your link to make a purchase. One of the easiest ways to do it is by embedding a Supply List, which are simply lists of supplies that you create on Whimseybox. Embedding a Supply List in your blog doesn’t require installing any code (whew) and works just the same as embedding a YouTube video. You can decide what your Supply List looks like – a list, gallery or grid. Here’s a graphic that show what they look like:



Making Supply Lists is easy on Whimseybox, but if you don’t want to use a list format you can also share individual supplies using an embed or a simple plain text link.

How Much Will I Get Paid?
Our current commission rate is 8% which is the best in the industry. (To compare, you’d need to sell over 1500 items/month on Amazon to match it.) Commission is calculated off of the total sale, not just the item that you linked to and our cookies last for 30 days which means that you’ll still earn a commission even if someone clicks through on an Influencer link but doesn’t make a purchase right away. Influencers can also see how much they can earn on each individual item by clicking on the Embed tab in the item – here’s an example:

Fullscreen capture 3182014 50904 PM

What Kind of Items Are In Your Shop?
We sell a wide variety of DIY + craft supplies from paint and paper to beads and baubles. There are currently thousands of items available on our site and we’re literally added hundreds more every week! If you can find it in a big box craft store, we can probably sell it. And if you need help finding an item, just ask or email Alison at alison@whimseybox.com! We’re here to help.

Can I Be Sure My Readers Will Have A Good + Secure Shopping Experience?
Short answer: Yes! Longer answer: Yes, and here’s why – at Whimseybox we manage the entire customer transaction from order to returns, if necessary. Customer service is our top priority and we take it seriously. We’re still a small company (6 full-time employees) so you can be sure they won’t be sent into any automated phone/email black hole. And we take security just as seriously. We selected Stripe to handle all of our payments and they meet or exceed every industry standard to protect your private financial data. (You can read more about that here.)

What’s the Catch?
There isn’t one – Influencer is free and easy to setup. If you want to give it a try, drop your email here and we’ll be in touch.

PS – I want to hear what you think! Love it? Hate it? Have questions or ideas? Leave a comment or send an email. We’re listening!

DIY Faux Jeweled Sweatshirt

What’s this? A DIY post? What the what?! I know, it’s been forevs. And that’s crazy because I’ve been wanting to make this sweatshirt for so long and hadn’t gotten around to it. Today I did and (with the help of Whimseybox designer Alyssa) it came out so amazing and was super easy! You should totally send me stuff that you want jewels ironed-on to because I’ve got a bunch leftover and want to put them on everything now.

Embellished Sweatshirt-9


Find the full step-by-step instructions on Whimseybox!