Any picnics or festivals in your future? Have a ton of those freebie flat plastic water bottles that everyone is slapping their logo on these days? Well then I’ve got a project for you! I sewed up this cutie in just a few fast minutes and even got to play with our new Circut Explore […]


Last week I talked a little bit about the journey to creating Whimseybox Influencer and now I want to show off how it works inside. We’ve gotten a great response so far (thank you!) and are adding new bloggers every day. It’s really exciting to see people putting this to work for them and getting their […]


DIY Faux Jeweled Sweatshirt

by Alicia on January 28, 2014

What’s this? A DIY post? What the what?! I know, it’s been forevs. And that’s crazy because I’ve been wanting to make this sweatshirt for so long and hadn’t gotten around to it. Today I did and (with the help of Whimseybox designer Alyssa) it came out so amazing and was super easy! You should […]

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I’m Ready to Catch Fire!

by Alicia on November 19, 2013

Am I too old to be excited about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire coming out this weekend? Hope not! In fact, today I even whipped up a DIY District 12 tote bag. Printable iron on transfer medium is my new BFF. Look for more projects like this to come If you want to make this […]


Halloween…. BOO!

by Alicia on October 27, 2013

Halloween is around the freaking corner, and at Whimseybox we’re super freaking psyched. In particular, Crafty Ali is a Halloween genius and has been whipping up tons of awesome projects. Here are some of our favorite Halloween must-makes! Happy Halloween!