Any picnics or festivals in your future? Have a ton of those freebie flat plastic water bottles that everyone is slapping their logo on these days? Well then I’ve got a project for you! I sewed up this cutie in just a few fast minutes and even got to play with our new Circut Explore […]


Last week I talked a little bit about the journey to creating Whimseybox Influencer and now I want to show off how it works inside. We’ve gotten a great response so far (thank you!) and are adding new bloggers every day. It’s really exciting to see people putting this to work for them and getting their […]


I spend a lot of time thinking about where the craft industry is going and why I have an irrational amount of frustration, maybe even anger, at what it’s like today. Sometime in high school or college I realized that my love for crafting became uncool. While I didn’t really care either way, I still […]


Here Come the Holi-DIYs!

by Alicia on November 17, 2013

That’s a sneak peek of the first ever Whimseybox Gift Guide! It’s going out in the November boxes that are all packed and shipping out tomorrow along with some other fun goodies. (Want a copy? Leave a comment, I’ll send you one!) Last week we also launched our Whimseybox Holiday Page with our brand new […]


craftgawker x Whimseybox Challenge

by Alicia on July 10, 2013

Any other craftgawker addicts out there? I love looking at all of the DIY delights they collect and now I’m really excited that we’ll be turning one of those projects into an exclusive project kit to be sold in the Whimseybox shop. If you want to win (and you do want to win this) all […]