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Here Come the Holi-DIYs!


That’s a sneak peek of the first ever Whimseybox Gift Guide! It’s going out in the November boxes that are all packed and shipping out tomorrow along with some other fun goodies. (Want a copy? Leave a comment, I’ll send you one!) Last week we also launched our Whimseybox Holiday Page with our brand new gift cards (yay!), a limited edition collection of DIY ornament mini-kits and lots of other gift ideas for the creatives in your life. I’d love, love, love it if you check it out! We’ve been thinking about the holidays for quite a while – it’s a big time for retail in general, and especially for craft/DIY – but it still freaks me out how quickly it’s coming! We’ve put a lot of work into it already – in addition to adding gift cards we’ve also added the ability to ship shop orders to someone else (pretty standard nowadays, but we didn’t have it before now!), schedule delivery of an email gift (super handy) and choose different shipping options.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 10.23.42 PM

Plus last Thursday night we co-hosted a holiday card making drive with the awesome ladies of Share Denver to make 250 cards for the clients of Boulder Meals of Wheels. (I was seriously amazed and the creativity of everyone who came! You can read more about it on the Whimseybox blog.) And on December 5th we’ll be hosting a DIY station at Eat Drink Create. Hope to see you there!

So there’s a lot of holiday happenings going on right now. I’ve also been tasked with sourcing all of the supplies for my family’s annual holiday ornament making project, so stay tuned to see what we’re creating this year. It’s a Kenney tradition to make a new ornament each year and for the first time in a few years I’m looking forward to being able to do it in person with my mom and sister this Thankgiving.

Happy holiDIYs!

Holiday Craft Memories on WhimseyboxTV

Today I realized that haven’t written about WhimseyboxTV here since our 2nd video back in early November. I am finally-for-reals serious about sticking with this video thing + am fortunate to have found a great videographer in Houston. (If you’re looking, Zach is your guy.)

So this is a short video of Alyssa and I talking about our holiday craft memories. Even if you aren’t ordinarily into making or baking, lots of people get into it around this time of year. (It’s kind of like the wedding phemonemon – everyone loves crafting for their wedding!) And Zach actually had to cut out like 5 minutes of me going on and on about ornament making, baking ‘Baby Jesus Birthday Cakes’ (the only time of the year you could use as many sprinkles as you wanted when decorating!!) and lots of other memories.

And if you want to catch up on any WhimseyboxTV videos you’ve missed, you can find them all here. There’s a mix of tips, projects and behind-the-scenes.

PS – We had to cut out the funniest part of this video! After Alyssa finishes talking about the tiny furniture she says, with conviction, ‘It’s just more fun when everything’s tiny!‘ and we all burst out laughing. Maybe it’ll make a blooper real someday :)

Merry Christmas!

These are some of my family’s favorite Santa photos. Looking through the pictures each year used to be a favorite tradition, but now we’re older and don’t always make it to my parents’ house so my brother scanned them for us. (And immediately posted them on Facebook, of course.)

I’m the oldest so I’m the one throwing a fit in the first picture and then looking perfectly happy in the other two. I love the death stare my sister is giving the camera (and, I assume, my parents) in the middle picture! Now she’s a high school principal so I’m pretty sure that look comes out now and again. And then the last picture – look at the grip Santa has on my brother’s arms! Hilarious. I definitely plan on forcing my kids to do this someday.

Merry Christmas!