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Radish the Puppy

First I bought a Mac. Now we have a dog. Boulder, your influence is very strong.


This is Radish, the newest addition to team Whimseybox. Radish, or Rad for short, is an 8 week old Golden Retriever. She’s going to come to work with me some days (the human members of team Whimseybox are psyched) so it’s appropriate that her first stop on the way home was not our house but rather the office. Hey, it’s where I spend most of my time.


Please share all your dog related tips, shops, toys, treats, WHATEVER because I’ve never had a dog before and I’m pretty sure I would be less stressed out if she was a baby because I have a vague idea of how to take care of them.

Thanks to the awesome Alyssa for snapping these pics of our first day!

Aerial Inspiration


Hey hey, took a little break there but I’m back. Things that have been going on:

– Boulder: perfect city is perfect.
– Aerial fabric: Alyssa (Whismeybox design extraordinaire) and I are taking an aerial fabric class and are obsessed. If taking over the craft world doesn’t work out, we can literally run away and join the circus!
– Biking: everyone, all the time

How was your weekend?

Circus Circus- named for the coolest place we always wanted to go as kids. It was a Chuck E Cheese type place we looooooooved. Some Googleing resulted in falling down this rabbit hole where someone has commemorated the old strip mall it was in with a really long, detailed post. Why!? I suppose for he same reason that I read every word of it.

A thousand goodbyes combined with a thousand boxes

Moving Sucks (4)
driving off into the sunset

We moved. Moving, basically, sucks. Even when you want to, even when you chose it, even when you believe it’s the right decision. I’ve moved around a decent amount in my 32 years (this is my 8th city and 6th state) but it still sucks. It’s a thousand goodbyes combined with a thousand boxes. They say it’s one of the 10 most stressful life events.

Moving Sucks (6)
yup, it’s full

This move is different than the others, though, because we chose it. In every other case I’ve moved for a job, whether it was mine, my father’s or my husband’s. And while I’ve generally embraced it (well, my parents might argue differently about 10 year old Alicia!) there’s also been a sense of ‘hey, this wasn’t my idea. I’m just making the best of it.’

Moving Sucks (7)
there’s a lot of paperwork

But this one’s on me. I think that Boulder is the best place for Whimseybox and for us, and that’s why we decided to do it. But it’s a grey area. We left great people, people like my friend and colleague Bri who has worked on Whimsebox almost since the beginning. We left the Houston startup community, which is about to explode IMO. We left friends. We left comfort and security.

Moving Sucks (5)
that’s the last of it

We left a house we love. I don’t want to go on too much about a house (that we didn’t even own) but I really loved that place. It was a great place to live and a great place to work everyday. It’s where Whimseybox was born, it’s where we shot our very first video, it’s the backdrop for a thousand project pictures. It was home.

Moving Sucks (2)
this was a particularly tense moment on the trip

And on top of that Patrick and Alyssa, two full-time Whimseboxers and Houston natives, are moving to Boulder too. I do not underestimate their commitment to the incredible adventure we’re sharing at all. It’s a huge vote of confidence in what we’re building and I feel a deep sense of responsibility to them.

Moving Sucks (3)
1250 miles to go

Am I whining? I hope not. I can see the freaking Flatirons from where I sit right now. I have the incredible fortune of choosing where I want to live. I live and breathe craft everyday. I have an amazing husband and family. This is the least sad story ever written. But also, my car was supposed to arrive 3 days ago and I have no idea where it is… so it’s not all mountain views and sunshine.

Moving Sucks (1)
the crude sign might be silly, but we’ve wanted this for a long time.

A few hours ago I ran across this Portandia clip about ‘cropping out all the sadness’ and thought that it would make sense to share some of the parts of this move that you can’t see on Instagram.

PS- While writing this they finally called about my car. It should be here in an hour. I am almost relieved, but at this point I’ll believe it when I see it. If you have to ship a car, I would not recommend All States Car Transport or Link Auto Transport. Also, if you’re looking for a startup business idea, figure out a better way to sort out the mish-mash system of brokers and auto transportation carriers because it’s a mess.

PPS- I hate how only the negative stuff makes it online, so this is a good chance to give props to our moving company who did a great job. We used All My Sons and had both Houston and Denver crews. They did a very good job and I was especially impressed with one of the guys here (David) who helped unload us. I’m writing this 1/2 to let other people know and 1/2 so we can remember to get him next time we move.

This is happening…

Moving Day

Moving Day, is my favorite day, cuz on Moving Day, we make everything get packed! (To be sung to the tune of Pippi Longstocking’s Scrubbing Day.)

That’s been stuck in my head for 48 hours, and now it’s stuck in yours. You’re welcome :)

They’re loading up the truck and in a few hours we’re going to hit the road for Boulder. Or rather, somewhere on the way because it’s going to take us a couple of days to get there. Stay tuned for Instagrams from road!

The Week That Was–March 1, 2013


It’s been forever since I got around writing one of these! It’s been crazy busy around here since we’re 10 days away from the big move and there’s tons of excitement going on with Whimseybox too. Next week we’re shooing one last round of WhimseyboxTV videos with our videographer Zach so there’s lots of prep underway for that, plus I had a total craft fail this week and a very cute Ikea lamp paid the ultimate price. I’m going to see if I can figure out how to give that project another shot this weekend.

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