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Our DIY Photo Studio

We are really excited about the move to Boulder, but there’s a lot that we’re going to miss as well. For me, our house is one of the major things. That might sound a kind of crazy, but you have to realize that (1) I haven’t seen our new house yet, so I don’t even really know what to expect because Joe (who I trust 100% of course) picked it out on a visit without me, and (2) I work from home. This house is not just where we live, it’s also where I’ve worked for the last 2.5 years, and where Whimseybox was born. It’s where I really got into blogging, where I posted about our home décor projects, and where we packed boxes all through the night on more than one occasion. It’s where the team comes to work every day and where I spend 99% of my time.

Another great thing about the house is that it has big windows and gets great light. That’s something that we’re really looking for in our new office. Using natural light in our photos makes them look nicer without all of the time and expense of a full photography studio. Here’s what our ‘studio’ looks like lately:

alyssa at work

In front of the living room windows we have a $20 kids table from IKEA, originally purchased when my 2yo niece visited for Thanksgiving. I saved the box and had planned to take it apart and store it after she left, but it turned out that the white table was handy. And, when combined with two foam core ‘reflectors’ tucked into each of the chairs, it morphs into a great little spot for pictures.


Just a tip, in case you’re looking for a simple and cheap way to improve your pictures.

(Oh, the irony… a post about how to take better pictures full of lousy cell phone shots!)

Holiday Craft Memories on WhimseyboxTV

Today I realized that haven’t written about WhimseyboxTV here since our 2nd video back in early November. I am finally-for-reals serious about sticking with this video thing + am fortunate to have found a great videographer in Houston. (If you’re looking, Zach is your guy.)

So this is a short video of Alyssa and I talking about our holiday craft memories. Even if you aren’t ordinarily into making or baking, lots of people get into it around this time of year. (It’s kind of like the wedding phemonemon – everyone loves crafting for their wedding!) And Zach actually had to cut out like 5 minutes of me going on and on about ornament making, baking ‘Baby Jesus Birthday Cakes’ (the only time of the year you could use as many sprinkles as you wanted when decorating!!) and lots of other memories.

And if you want to catch up on any WhimseyboxTV videos you’ve missed, you can find them all here. There’s a mix of tips, projects and behind-the-scenes.

PS – We had to cut out the funniest part of this video! After Alyssa finishes talking about the tiny furniture she says, with conviction, ‘It’s just more fun when everything’s tiny!‘ and we all burst out laughing. Maybe it’ll make a blooper real someday :)