Summer Reading: Blog-to-Book

I spend so much time attached to my laptop I’m afraid I’ll start to forget what actual books feel like! If it’s time for you to pick up some paper, too you might enjoy these blog-to-book masterpieces.

Design*Sponge At Home

Worth pre-ordering immediately if only for the complete list of retailers and references. 400 pages and 50 DIY projects! Check out the adorable trailer. (I love that people make trailers for books now.)

What I Wore

Also available for pre-order. If Jessica’s book is half as inspiring as her blog, it’s a must-have. I wonder if there will be any DIY love in the book?!

The Selby is In Your Place

I don’t have this book yet, but I definitely need it. Each one of the photos that goes up on The Selby is so crammed full of interesting details that it’s a sin to just glance and keep scrolling. This is a book you’ll want to flip through for inspiration over and and over.

The Sartorialist

While the truth is that articles and interviews with The Sartorialist Scott Schuman kind of creep me out, the man knows how to  take a stunning photograph.


Holly Becker writes the blog decor8, a favorite of mine for its great mix of gorgeous decor with real life.

P.S. I Made This

If you’re inspired by Erica’s blog, you’ll enjoy the book version which closely follows the format of her popular site.


This is an interesting one- I didn’t even know they had a book until Amazon recommended it to me. I love watching the interviews with fascinating and varied people on their site, but wonder how well the video content will transfer to book form.

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