Summer Black Inspiration

(Clockwise from top left: Antlers, room, necklace, cobblestones, patio, jacket, tote, couple)

Do you wear black in the summer heat? Because it is HOT here- 100 degrees. And according to the internets it was 105 yesterday! I sure didn’t go outside to find out myself, partially because I’m not crazy and also because this Scarlett fever* I caught last weekend kept me on the couch.  Instead I watched movies and thought about how even though I love all the bright colors summer brings I can’t help  but find myself drawn to basic black. (Sidenote: I watched ALL of Sherlock Holmes on Showtime completely confused that people like this movie when the story and effects** were so stupid. Then the credits rolled and I found I watched this movie instead of the Robert Downey Jr. version that the U-Verse description promised. THE. ENTIRE. MOVIE. I blame a lack of sleep and abundance of cold medicine.)

*Not really Scarlett fever, just a fever I caught from a Scarlett.
** T. Rex? Mechanical flying fire-breathing dragon!?!

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