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Guys, Tori Spelling’s new DIY jewelry line {styled} – what do you think? Aside from the ridiculous curly brackets in the name {wtf?}, of course. I’m all for exposing more people to DIY and naturally think that jewelry making is a great place to start, but… I dunno. I just don’t understand it, and I guess I’m not the target market. But it’s sold in Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics so it’s obviously for crafty-types, yet there isn’t any real crafting to be done with it?? Plus none of the designs are my style- I guess I’m not ‘Noir’, ‘Boho’, ‘Glam’ or ‘Glitz’.  Thoughts?


  1. erin says:

    ha…i thought the same when i saw it at michaels. tori spelling really? however, i will admit that i bought some earring “attachments” (at least thats what im calling them anyway), but i used my own ear wires because the interchangeable ear wire/hoop set was was way to expensize for what they are. i can get a pack of 25 ear wires for $2. some of the “attachments” are cute, others not so much. I do think its neat that she created (read-is endorsing) a line of products for the not so craft individual that wants to have the satisfaction of creating something wearable on their own. i have so many friends that 100% believe they cannot craft or make anything on their own…this line is for those people. the gateway craft drug, if you will.

  2. Not for me – seems a bit too commercial and exactly what I don’t aspire to when I create my own DIY projects. I agree with you – always happy to see more people DIY’ing, but I’m definitely not the target! I like Erin’s comment – a great “gateway craft drug.” :)

  3. I’m not much of a fan either. There’s just not that much creativity that goes into clicking little pieces in place! I don’t think basic jewelry making skills are very hard to master either. But if this is what gets people too start down the DIY rabbit hole, then I’m for it.

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