Spiders on Drugs! and The Week That Was – November 5th, 2010



  • I think the perfectly-named Nestrest would look great in the pyramid-shaped penthouse I mentioned last week.
  • Spiders on drugs make beautiful bowls, apparently. (Doesn’t this sound like the sequel to Snakes on a Plane?)
  • Gifted Magazine has remained open in a tab on my browser all week because it’s crammed full of beautiful products and projects just in time for the upcoming holiday season. (Also living in a browser tab all week? This article on procrastination. Heh.)


  • I will be hard to take advantage of this from H&M-less Houston, but their latest collab with Lanvin is one that would actually make me willing to brave the crowds.
  • Check out the awesome literary-inspired shirts from Out of Print. They’re trying to make reading cool. Uh, who said it wasn’t?
  • I know Project Runway is over, but I can’t stop looking at Mondo’s collection and searching for ways to work some of that style into my life. And, even Tim Gunn thought Mondo should have won! (Tim Gunn’s gone a little off the rails lately, right?)


  • Here’s an easy DIY scarf that you don’t have to knit. (And I’ll have another scarf project coming up next week. )
  • This was the first time I’d ever heard of t-shirt weaving but it looks like a pretty simple way to change up a shirt.
  • Did you see my simple wrapped colorblock bracelet?




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