Soooooore and The Week That Was–June 22, 2012

This week I went back to yoga. It’s been a long time, and an especially long time since I’d set foot in my old Chicago studio. (~3 years?!) It was hot. It was awesome. I haven’t been been able to walk right since Wednesday :)


Fullscreen capture 6232012 30139 PM

Tory Burch Resort ‘13. Yes please!
– I’ve never been good at figuring out how to wear lace. Here’s my answer. Thanks, Erdem.
Wallets made of wood!

craftyFullscreen capture 6232012 123646 PM

– This DIY rope rug is RIDICULOUSLY awesome. Bravo!
A dip-dye maxi skirt from the ever talented A Pair and a Spare.
– The simplest project ever – hide your ugly wireless router.
– A  neon show makeover.


– Need some new fonts? Here’s a collection of freebies.
– Forbes listed the 10 Best Sites for Millennial Women. Cool/interesting/scary to see how entrepreneurial-minded Gen Y is!
– For your RSS reader: The Altucher Confidential is one of the sites where I read every word of every post.


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