Simple Skirt

I’ve been wanting to try and make some of my own clothes for about 10 years. This coincides with around the time I moved out on my own and away from my genius seamstress mother. Alanis might consider it ironic, I think it’s tragic. But maybe it makes sense. When I was at home I didn’t need to do it myself- she could do it faster and far better. She had years of experience sewing for herself and for her children, even making me custom dresses for homecoming in high school.

Yes, whatever dress I wanted. Can you imagine? I would KILL to have someone making custom clothes to my specifications now. I always assumed she did it because I was a shrimp who would otherwise be stuck trying to find a dress in the children’s section that wasn’t adorned with puppy dogs, but now I think she was just a saint. Sewing is a lot of work, and I was not the easiest customer. We would begin with a patten but soon I’d be requesting different necklines and dramatic colorblocks.

After a bit of internal debate I’ve decided to share photographic evidence my mother’s amazing skills and proof that it was wasted on my younger self:

WHAT? Any dress I wanted and I chose the circus as inspiration? I didn’t spend much time reading fashion magazines in high school, obviously.

Anyway, while at High Fashion Fabrics buying a zipper and thread for the futon project I saw this printed cotton and took a picture of it with my phone. Originally I was thinking of making throw pillows, but after three visits I finally bought a yard and decided to attempt a simple skirt.

I was inspired by this skirt on Heart of Light that looked easy enough. I did it almost exactly as Rachel described except for three things:

1. I used 2″ elastic. It just felt like the right proportion to me.
2. I did french seams where the front and back pieces came together.
3. I used the blind hem stitch on my machine to sew the hem.

I have a lot more to learn about sewing, but I’m really happy with how it came out. The forgiving elastic waist might make it the perfect Thanksgiving skirt!


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