Short Days, Short Weeks

by Alicia on November 17, 2013


The short days this time of year are so not okay with me. Dark by 4:30? Not only is it a total downer and energy sap during one of the busiest times of year, but it’s also making it extra tricky to take a decent photo of anything. And we do a lot of photography at Whimseybox, so it’s a juggling act to get everything we need to finish done during the hours the sun graces us with light. I also have a theory that since we have the mountains just feet away to our west that the short days are even shorter here, because the sun doesn’t even have to go below the horizon, just behind the mountains.

Also, the darkness is a total hazard… last week it made me RUN OVER A BRAND NEW COMPUTER MONITOR. Still in the box. Brand new, just carefully shipped from (I imagine) Asia to some Amazon warehouse and then delivered by our friendly UPS guy to me. And then, because I bought it to use at home, on Wednesday night I gathered up the monitor, my computer bag, Radish and a few other things and clumsily walked/was dragged down to the car after a long day at work. Radish does not love getting in the car (that’s another story) so set down my monitor, tossed my bags inside the car and went about the normal routine of bribing her with tons of treats to stay still so I can lift all 50+ lbs of her up into my car. I was in a hurry (of course) so we could make it to the meeting point to pick up our MM Local Harvest Share┬ábefore it ended at 7pm. I don’t even need to explain what happened next, right? I managed to get Radish in the car, close the door and jump in myself. Throw it in reverse, backup about 2 feet and suddenly feel something go under the tires. ARHG! I stop, jump out and see my front wheel sitting squarely on top of the monitor box. I jump back in the move the car while saying lots of mean stuff to myself in my head. (“So careless!” “This is why you can’t have nice things!” “Did you seriously just DRIVE OVER A BRAND NEW MONITOR what is wrong with you?”)┬áBut believe it or not by some miracle of styrofoam and engineering the monitor is totally fine. I’m using it right now! Bravo ASUS for making an affordable and durable monitor. You know just what this girl needs.


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Cathie Kenney November 17, 2013 at 10:18 pm

Too funny! Reminds me of the time you tried to back over the garbage can when you were 16!


Alicia November 17, 2013 at 10:36 pm

Old habits die hard?!!?


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