#SeptemberWha???? and The Week That Was – September 2, 2011

- Wear It Both Ways is a cute Tumblr I’m enjoying. Also, there is NO WAY my husband would go for a project like this. Kudos to them!

- Part of me believes I would have more house guests here in Houston if I had a cute box like this.

- Will craft/blog/sing/dance for pastel Docs. Please send ASAP.

- Novely knits: #1 for a reason. *Swoon*

- Can we agree on something? Life is short- let’s wear fun stuff on our head. Before it’s too late!

- Design*Sponge features a simple but beautiful DIY leather passport holder.

- I always enjoy a good workplace tour, but this one of Refinery29 by Milk Teeths is extra fun.

-  And, on a deeper note, I enjoyed this piece about the ‘tragedy of missing out‘. Go enjoy some metaphorical fish this weekend and let the rest go. That’s my plan, at least.

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