Send Something Navy!


I hardly know you/
So this is crazy/
Here’s my address/
Send something navy!

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You might think I was inspired by Carly Rae Jeppson. (Or Justin Bieber. Or The Man Repeller.) But no, I’m inspired by…

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Nope. Well, okay yes. But also…

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The Cookie Monster! Chalk it up to spending the summer with an adorable toddler! Also, that is just plain funny. I love imagining the Sesame Street writers thinking this stuff up.

Back to the clothes! Navy has always been a personal fav. And a classic, of course. But I never thought of calling my blog Something Navy. That’s just genius. But for serious, I’ll gladly accept all things navy :)

Top: Left, right.
Second: Playground
Third: Hanneli

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