Scattered Chi And The Week That Was – June 3, 2011

One of my favorite yoga instructors often has us rest in child’s pose after challenging inversions (forearm stand, you are elusive!). She always says ‘some inversions can scatter the chi’. I find travel and sickness have the same chi-scattering effect so I spent much of this week in a metaphorical child’s pose getting it back together. And at last yesterday while reading Harper’s Bazaar I started tearing out page and page with DIY-deas and knew I was back. Can’t wait to share them with you next week- have a wonderful weekend!

I want to make these to fill some empty shelves this weekend. They are the perfect DIY- cool, easy and unique.

A new month always means a few things: time to hit the Quickbooks (shudder) and fresh issues of the rapidly expanding online mag category (yay!). Check out the latest Matchbook, Adore, Covet Garden and the new (at least new to me) ASOS magazine. That should easily fill a lazy Sunday afternoon.

With all the deadly storms and flooding that have struck this spring I know I’d be a fool to complain about the weather in Houston… but yesterday it was 100 degrees! The earliest 100 degree day in Houston’s history! And we’ve had virtually no rain for 3 1/2 months. Okay, enough already. Less complaining, more popsicle-making.

But if we could dial back the heat just a bit I’d LOVE to wear this, wouldn’t you?


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