Rope Inspiration


Hello, hello! Can you believe it’s Monday again? And it’s March? And it’s 2012? Ahhhhh! I did almost nothing of note this weekend except turn down free Radiohead tickets so I could stay home and finish keep organizing my studio. It looks like someone ransacked it Fun House style right now, but the end is in sight. (I hope!!!)

(Clockwise from top left: Room, bracelet, model, chest, rug, bracelet, divider)


  1. Alyssa says:

    Turn down free Radiohead tickets?!?!!? I’ll take them off your hands :)

    Slash you/me/we should make that rope bracelet, I have some leftover rope from I necklace I tried to make, haha.

  2. The weeks just fly by!!! This is a great inspiration!! actually made a rope bracelet this weekend!! :) yay! Ill porb post it this week or something!! it was so fun and easy!!
    Hope you get your organizing done, it just feels so much better to have a clean room and environment :)

    love K

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