Rodeo Time And The Week That Was – March 18, 2011

Even though it never really gets that cold in Houston, this week it really started to feel like spring. It’s probably mostly due to daylight savings and the extra light in the evening which is the best thing ever. (I am solar powered.) The ice cream man went down the street for the first time and our bamboo plants outside that had turned brown after the hard freeze finally sprouted some new little green leaves. (I must be getting old, I was actually really worried about them!) But the best part of all is that my sister is on spring break and will be arriving for a visit in just a few hours- we’re going to the Rodeo! (When in Texas…) Hope you all have a wonderful spring-y weekend, too.

– I love how this Katie Ermilio dress is paired with the colorful bracelets. [via] – The look and sentiment of the Unknown Prints piece make me happy. [via]

– After I saw this TCHMO colorful mountain print on Design for Mankind I went and bought it immediately.
– More watercolors! If you have any need for textures you must visit Lost and Taken.

– The creativity on the internet amazes me every day. Case in point: Oh Happy Day‘s DIY confetti party invites.
– Poppytalk shares a DIY fabric printing project and I just want to steal their finished projects. The pattern and colors are right on.

, watercolors
I finally finished my dollhouse chair jewelry tree and made a studded leather wrap bracelet
The Texas Style Council Conference went by too fast. Find some pictures here and more on my Facebook page.

– My first indie fashion column went up at Indie Fixx.
– And thanks to Erin at Design for Mankind for sharing my DIY Geometric Necklace.

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