Plus 1 Minus 2 and The Week That Was–March 2, 2012

Despite getting an extra day last month I’m still two days late with these links! Did you do anything fun for Leap Day?

- Of course there is no way those shorts will ever work on a mortal, but still… love the look. (Sidenote: Isn’t it still cold in Paris right now?)
- So many triangles, so little time!
- This is such a good idea that I expect many more people trying it in the future- The Design Files hosted a pop up shop in a house.

Fullscreen capture 342012 121730 PM
- Love the colors in the DIY seed bead necklace.
- Great tips from my friend Bri about how to take better pictures from the Organic Photography workshop she hosted last weekend.
- These wire vases are a perfect fit with this week’s mesh inspiration.

Fullscreen capture 342012 123745 PM
- Snow circles!
- Focusing photos after they’ve been taken- what?!?
- Love this piece on rejection. I totally agree that it’s like a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it. In high school I worked as a teleprospecter (that is, supposedly, a telemarketer that just makes appointments and doesn’t actually sell anything?) and it wasn’t a bad job. It came down to a numbers game where if I made 90 phone calls I could count on getting 10-15 people to tell me when their auto insurance expired. But now it’s much harder to to deal with the no’s… I guess it’s just different when it’s my own business! (Btw, sorry for interrupting your dinners in the late 90’s… Smile)

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