by Alicia on January 22, 2014

A clerk and a ladder and warm golden light, and then: the right book exactly, at exactly the right time.
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore

Buy it immediately, right now. You have a Kindle, right? I enjoyed this book more than any in quite a while. Download it now, so when you find yourself on an airplane at some point you’ll open up the app and think ‘huh, what was this again and why did I want to read it?’ But by the time the plane lands you’ll be too engrossed to get in the car and drive home so instead you’ll find a random bench at the airport and read until the battery on your iPad dies.

Between the holidays and CHA and some other events I’ve been traveling a fair amount lately and thanks to the rules that (finally!) permit the use of an iPad during takeover and landing, I’ve been reading quite a bit more than usual. I’m kind of a readaholic though (once I start I just can’t stop) and I’m currently on a bender.

Over the last few weeks I’ve read the Divergent series (DivergentInsurgentAlliegent) and enjoyed them, mostly. (The first two more than the third, though.) I really, really enjoyed No Better Time, the story of Akamai founder Danny Lewin who helped build the modern Internet and died on 9/11. (Not sure I’d recommend this as airplane reading, though.) I read The Circle because everyone was talking about it and honestly, meh. I mean, go ahead and read it so we can talk about it, but I kind of felt like Eggers was bashing me over the head with his message. I’ve read a few other books as well, but these are the ones worth mentioning. Have you read anything good lately? Let me know! My Kindle is hungry and I’m headed to the airport again tomorrow.


Lucky #4

by Alicia on January 22, 2014


Four is my lucky number. I don’t know why, and there aren’t even any stories I can tell you about weird or winning experiences with the number, but I just have an affinity for it. It’s even, it’s a perfect square, it’s the exact number of Double Stuff Oreos to enjoy before bed on an average night. Shall I go on?

But today I finally have a real reason to appreciate it because four years ago today I started wearing a new ring on my fourth finger. Joe + I have been married for four years now and while they’ve all been awesome I suspect this will be our best one yet. Happy Anniversary Bear!


Huge Cyber Monday Whimseybox Sale!

by Alicia on December 2, 2013


We’re having our biggest sale ever at Whimseybox and it ends today! Buy one Whimseybox gift subscription (3, 6 or 12 months) and get one for FREE! But you have to hurry because the offer ends at 11:59 MST TONIGHT. Give the gift of creativity this season… times two!

Looking for more creative + crafty gift ideas? Check out our gift guide at for more!


I’m Ready to Catch Fire!

by Alicia on November 19, 2013

Hunger Tote-10

Am I too old to be excited about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire coming out this weekend? Hope not! In fact, today I even whipped up a DIY District 12 tote bag. Printable iron on transfer medium is my new BFF. Look for more projects like this to come :) If you want to make this one, you can find the full step-by-step tutorial over in the Whimseybox projects section.

In other news, today we launched Supply Lists on Whimseybox, just like the one you see right above this. Supply Lists are basically just lists of supplies. Any product/craft supply in the Whimseybox Shop can be added to a Supply List and in addition to sharing them on Whimseybox and via Facebook/Twitter, you can also embed them onto your blog. We’ve been doing it on our Whimseybox blog for a few months now and I find it to be a super easy and useful way to share the material list for a project.

We hope that this will be helpful for bloggers, but it actually gets even better – if you’re sharing projects and creative craft/DIY content on your site you can now earn affiliate revenue on every sale you refer. We call this the Whimseybox Influencer program and it’s still in beta, but if you’re a Dismount Creative reader just leave a comment and I’ll get you setup ASAP!  (If you’re familiar with RewardStyle, you can think of Whimseybox Influencer kind of like RewardStyle for craft.)


Here Come the Holi-DIYs!

by Alicia on November 17, 2013


That’s a sneak peek of the first ever Whimseybox Gift Guide! It’s going out in the November boxes that are all packed and shipping out tomorrow along with some other fun goodies. (Want a copy? Leave a comment, I’ll send you one!) Last week we also launched our Whimseybox Holiday Page with our brand new gift cards (yay!), a limited edition collection of DIY ornament mini-kits and lots of other gift ideas for the creatives in your life. I’d love, love, love it if you check it out! We’ve been thinking about the holidays for quite a while – it’s a big time for retail in general, and especially for craft/DIY – but it still freaks me out how quickly it’s coming! We’ve put a lot of work into it already – in addition to adding gift cards we’ve also added the ability to ship shop orders to someone else (pretty standard nowadays, but we didn’t have it before now!), schedule delivery of an email gift (super handy) and choose different shipping options.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 10.23.42 PM

Plus last Thursday night we co-hosted a holiday card making drive with the awesome ladies of Share Denver to make 250 cards for the clients of Boulder Meals of Wheels. (I was seriously amazed and the creativity of everyone who came! You can read more about it on the Whimseybox blog.) And on December 5th we’ll be hosting a DIY station at Eat Drink Create. Hope to see you there!

So there’s a lot of holiday happenings going on right now. I’ve also been tasked with sourcing all of the supplies for my family’s annual holiday ornament making project, so stay tuned to see what we’re creating this year. It’s a Kenney tradition to make a new ornament each year and for the first time in a few years I’m looking forward to being able to do it in person with my mom and sister this Thankgiving.

Happy holiDIYs!