Our Last Go Texan Day

Friday was Go Texan day, a annual holiday in Houston that marks the beginning of the Rodeo. Horse-drawn wagons snarl traffic and everyone dresses, as The New York Times wrote, the way the rest of the country thinks people in Houston dress all the time.

I don’t really Go Texan, because I don’t have boots or a hat and because I’m a Texan by license plate only. We’ve lived here nearly 4 years now, but I still consider Chicago my home. Houston has been a great place to live, but we’ve known all along that it would be temporary.

And now it’s time to move on. Two weeks from now we’re packing up everything, including Whimseybox, and moving to Boulder, CO. It’s the realization of a dream, a leap of faith, a terrifyingly large change. We’re so excited.

On this, our last Go Texan Day, we went to the Rodeo Cook-Off for the first time ever. We met some friends in a private party tent hosted by a team of ‘mountain men’ and it snowed. I guess I’d better get used to that.

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